815 South Sixth Street
Springfield, IL 62703

(217) 523-2652
815 South Sixth Street | Springfield, IL 62703 | (217) 523-2652
815 South Sixth Street | Springfield, IL 62703
 (217) 523-2652
815 S. Sixth St. | Springfield, IL 62703
 (217) 523-2652

Why Choose Cathedral?

  • Christ-centered – A rich tapestry is woven as strong Christian values in the Catholic tradition are taught not only in religion classes, but threaded through the state recognized core curriculum.

  • Diversity – The beauty of God’s creation in all its diversity is found here.  We come in various sizes and shapes.  Together we live, grow, and learn in a loving atmosphere.

  • Class size – Controlled class sizes allow more one-on-one instructional time.

  • Quality staff – All Cathedral teachers are state certified and love what they do.  High quality teachers = high quality education   Learning how to do something well requires opportunities to take risks, fail, and get up to try again.  Our learning environment encourages students to think outside of the box and to higher levels.

  • Academic awareness – We offer a standards-based curriculum with differentiation by need and ability.  The St. John Bosco program supports our students with special needs.  Early hour algebra is available for the advanced math student.

  • Uniforms – When in uniform a child is judged on the quality of their character and not by the designer of their clothes.

  • Responsibility – Students are taught beyond the 3 R’s of reading, ‘w-riting, ‘a-rithmatic; they learn the 4th one of responsibility.  By giving responsibility, teaching that person how to be responsible, and then holding him/her responsible, we help create the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Service – Looking beyond ourselves in the service of others makes us better citizens of the world community.  Service opportunities are available at every grade and ability level.

  • Facilities – Our school has the character of its 1928 construction, but was renewed with current amenities.  We are fully air-conditioned with additional space added in 2009 including an art studio, music classroom and large bright library.

  • Whole Child Education – Through a Christ-centered program of academics, fine arts, technology, and service-learning we educate the whole child – body, mind, and spirit.  We learn to be leaders by practicing leadership; we learn service by being of service; we learn to build the future by building a great today.

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